What is WISSHH?

1. What is WISSHH?

WISSHH is a social network made up of businesses (FREE or PREMIUM Partners) and their clients (Ambassadors or VIPCard holders). The objective of our community is to help our Ambassadors to make their wishes come true by promoting the businesses they love and for Businesses to promote for free in exchange of a benefit.

2. Why should I enter WISSHH?

  • The Ambassadors can gain credits equal to 50 euro for every recommended business that purchases the Premium Partner virtual window priced at 159 euro a year and can save by using their WISSHH VIPCard.
  • Businesses can increase their visibility with FREE advertising in exchange of an advantage, a corporate rate or a special discount with the WISSHH community.
  • VIPCard holders can take advantage of the special advantages and/or discounts to the community.

3. Who are the Ambassadors and what they do?

Anyone can become Ambassadors by signing up on our website and recommend the businesses they love by sending an e-mail to love@wisshh.it.

4. What advantages have the Ambassadors?

  1. VIPCard Free
    The Ambassador receives a FREE Ambassador VIPCard valid for 2 years worth 100 euro.
  2. Make a wish
    The moment a FREE Partner decides to upgrade to PREMIUM Partner, the Ambassador who has recommended it is awarded an immediate credit equal to 50 Euros to spend in any of the Premium Partner in the world.
  3. Benefits and discounts
    WISSHH will contact the businesses recommended by the Ambassadors and will try to agree a discount, benefit or contract for the Ambassador and the entire community.

5. How can I join WISSHH with my business?

By signing up on our website or by asking an Ambassador to recommend it.

6. What is the cost to list my business activities in WISSHH?

  1. It's free and always will be as long as you share a privilege, a corporate rate or a special discount with the community Wisshh (Free Partner)
  2. It is of 159 euro a year including VAT for greater visibility (Premium Partner).

7. Who manages the project WISSHH?

Merih Kilic-Marzari through his company Merih srl Unipersonale.

8. How does WISSHH sustain it’s operations?

Through the sale of increased visibility of PREMIUM Partners (159 euro a year), the sale of banners (offer basis) and the sale of our WISSHH VIPCards (50 euro a year).

Still have questions? Send us an e-mail to info@wisshh.com or call n. 00390309822094.

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